When you work with Excel, you must avoid using the mouse as much as you can. Using the keyboard only will help enhance your speed a lot, and you will start saving a ton of time!

I understand that remembering Excel shortcuts is a pain, so I have listed below 10 shortcuts which can be remembered easily. I assure you, these are the ones that you will definitely want to use everyday!

Start using these 10 Excel shortcuts first and then once you have been using these on a daily basis, learn more.

I have used a sample data as below to demonstrate all the shortcuts

  1. Select Entire Column
    Ctrl + Spacebar
    Keep your cursor anywhere in the column that you want to select, and press Ctrl + Spacebar
    Excel Shortcut to Select full column 
  2. Insert Column / Row
    Ctrl + +
    Select the column (with above shortcut) before which you want to insert a new column and press Ctrl + +
    Excel shortcut to Insert new column
  3. Save As
    Excel shortcut to Save As
  4. Select column with data
    Ctrl + Shift + Down
    Keep your cursor at the beginning of your column, and press Ctrl + Shift + Down. It will select the data to a point where the next cell is blank. So if there is a blank cell in between the data, it will select upto a point just before that.
    Excel shortcut to Select column with data
  5. Undo & Redo
    Ctrl + Z / Y
    Undo if ofcourse to undo something you did by mistake.
    Redo and to redo something you just Undo’d!

    Excel shortcut to Undo

    Deleted the data. Then pressed Undo to get it back

    Excel shortcut to Redo

    Deleted the data again by pressing Redo

  6. Auto Filter On/off
    Ctrl + Shift + L
    Excel shortcut to turn on Auto-filter
  7. Sort in Ascending Order
    Alt – A – S – A (Excel 2013 and higher)
    Alt – A – A (Excel 2007 & 2010)
    Keep your cursor anywhere in the column by which you want to sort the data, and hit the shortcut key.
    Excel shortcut to Sort in Ascending order
  8. Apply All Borders
    Alt – H – B – A
    Select the required data that you want to apply borders to, and press Alt – H – B – A
    Excel shortcut to Apply All Borders
  9. Auto-fit Column Width
    Alt – O – C – A
    Select the column and then press Alt – O – C – A.

    Excel shortcut to Autofit column width

    Data is getting cut out visually

    Excel shortcut to Autofit column width

    After pressing the shortcut

  10. Center Align
    Alt – H – A – C
    Select the cell(s) that you want to center align and press Alt – H – A – C
    Excel shortcut to Center Align


  11. Go to Previous Sheet / Next Sheet
    Ctrl + Page Up / Page Down
    Excel shortcut to go to Next sheet / Previous Sheet