Whether you are a Freelancer, a StartUp, an Established Business, or even if still working on a new Business Idea, Pivot Tables can do brilliant magic for you! Decision making will become so much easier and faster!

In this course, learn how to use Pivot Tables & Charts Super Effectively and create meaningful, actionable Reports for your Business, in a flash!

What Will I Learn?
  • Build stardard & custom reports in Excel very quickly and efficiently.
  • Be able to create Dashboards in Excel without any kind of programming.
  • Be able to analyze your data much better
  • Create Business Reports in a flash
  • Make informed decisions based on data, not intuition and gut feeling

Why should you invest your time in learning pivot tables in-depth? 

Pivot Tables in Excel is one tool that will give you the power to analyze data in an unbelievable and quick manner! Instead of using tons of formulas and spending time in creating error-free formaulas, using Pivot Tables, your report will be ready in no time! 😉

Case Scenarios we will use to learn everything

  • T-shirt Sales dataset
  • Facebook posts analysis
  • Warehouse inventory analysis


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Detailed course content (completely hands-on) of this course?

  • Good versus Bad Data data structures (what works, what doesn’t)
  • Create single & multilayer pivot tables
  • Display options
  • Custom Sorting & Filtering
  • Copying, Moving & Deleting quickly
  • Drilldown
  • Summarizing values in various ways
  • Showing values differently to make more sense out of data
  • Applying Pareto’s 80/20 principle
  • Ranking
  • Grouping
  • Report filter & pages
  • Calculated Fields
  • Securing your Pivot Tables
  • GETPIVOTDATA function’s awesome applications
  • Pivot Charts
  • Connecting slicers & timelines
  • Build your 1st DASHBOARD! No programming required!
  • 2 awesome real-life data Projects


This is what our Participants have to say:

“The training provided by Rushabh Shah was excellent. His understanding of the subject is very deep and his methodical approach to train his participants ensures that the learning imparted will never be forgotten.”
– CA Mihir Sheth, Managing Director – Vision 3K Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd.

“Rushabh is an excellent trainer. Not only is he knowledgeable in his skill, his presentation is flawless and extremely interactive. He makes sure that no one in the class is left behind in understanding of the concepts. This course has been of great help to me to make a sound beginning in the world of data analytics.”
– Abhijit Audhya, Head – Global Data Infrastructure Services at Société Générale

“Rushabh Shah explained so well, even a 6th grade student would have excelled in Excel.
– Praveen Udayakumar, Executive – Production (Tier Manufacturing) at MRF Tyres

“You want to learn Microsoft Excel Rushabh Shah is the man! Trust me i just finished with a workshop and it was amazing, the way he teaches step by step. He forces you to think logically which i think is amazing and they way he drills you, you can remember it for the rest of your life. I absolutely loved it and i am hoping he does more courses.
– Dimpy Bhalotia, Fashion designer at Dimpy Bhalotia

“Rushabh Shah is one of the finest instructor I have ever come across. It was fun learning excel from him. Suddenly Excel seems so exciting !!”
– Abhimanyu Dass

“Excel Trainer Rushabh has thorough knowledge of Excel and he is very good at delivering it in class. He makes sure that he carries the entire class with him. Extremely happy with his Training. Thanks a ton Rushabh !!!”
– Yashodhan Watve, Assistant Project Manager – Cyient Ltd.


Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who creates Reports at work regularly
  • Anyone who wants to analyze their data effectively
  • Anyone who uses or wants to learn to use Excel for Reports & Dashboards creation
  • You have a lot of data, don’t know how to make sense out of it. This course is your answer!


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