You know that every website name has an ip address attached to it. For example, is one for’s ip addresses.

What is you had to remember the ip address and type it every time you wanted to visit, painful! So that’s why names were created to easily remember the address of websites.

Similarly in Excel, you have to reference to different cell ranges to use in your formulas. Let’s say there are amounts in cells C1 to C16 and you want to add them, you would use the formula =SUM(C1:C16).

What if instead of this, you could write the formula as =SUM(amounts), awesome isn’t it! You don’t have to remember the cell range, but anytime you want to know the range, it’s very easy to find.

This is possible through name box.

Steps to create a named range: –

  1. Select the cells you want to give a name to
  2. Click on name box and give it a name (without spaces, should start with an alphabet)
  3. Press Enter

create named range

Now you can use it in a formula =SUM(amounts)

using named range in formula

Anytime you want to know which all named ranges have been created, and what are the exact cell ranges for each name, go to Formulas tab, and click on Name Manager.Name manager