Sensitivity Analysis

What would be my retirement fund if I invest @ 7.5% in a recurring deposit for 10 years,

  • Initial Investment of = Rs. 2,00,000 / 3,00,000 / 4,00,000 / 5,00,000
  • Monthly Investment of = Rs. 7000, / 8,000 / 9,000 / 10,000

Using Data Table.

Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity Analysis

So if you need a retirement fund of at least Rs. 25 Lakhs, you can choose 1 of the above marked options.


Automatically Lookup Values and Calculate Dates

It is tedious to input data manually all the time.

Automatic Lookup and Dates Calculation - Purchase to Payment tracker

Automatic Lookup and Dates Calculation – Purchase to Payment tracker

User has to only input in the Grey columns.
All Orange columns are filled in automatically using Excel’s awesome functions.

=Vlookup function used

  • Price and Delivery No. of Days are filled up automatically from the Product Table below.
  • Credit No. of Days is filled up automatically from the Customer Table below.

Date functions used

  • Delivery Date and Payment Date are automatically calculated

Imagine how much time is being saved when there are 100’s of records to be filled in everyday!


Highlight Weekends Automatically

You want to dynamically highlight all weekend days (Saturdays and Sundays) in a list of dates.

Conditional Formatting can be used for this.

Click here to understand how this is done.

Highlight weekends automatically

Highlight weekends automatically