A line chart can be a simple representation of progress with time. When there is a significant event, it must be pointed out clearly in a presentation.

Let’s take a scenario of lead generation

  • Your company has hired a Digital marketing agency and you are tracking their progress.
  • The agency’s job is to generate potential B2B leads/customers through online advertising on Google – AdWords and Email Marketing.
Leads Generated in 6 Quarters

Leads Generated in 6 Quarters

  • 1.5 years (6 quarters) down the road, you are not at all happy with the agency’s performance and decide to replace them with another agency.
  • The new agency delivers better results in the next 2 quarters, proving your decision to be right.

You want to now present this to the management of the company, indicating in the chart that the New Agency has performed much better than the Old Agency.

Steps to make the chart

Make the data as the below structure

  • Please note that the columns have been as Old Agency and New Agency.
  • This will thus generate 2 line charts within a single chart, showing 2 different colors (as below), to indicate the different Agencies.
Data Structure to indicate New Agency's arrival

Data Structure to indicate New Agency’s arrival

Create the chart

  • Select the data.
  • Go to Insert Tab, and select 2D line chart.
  • Give a Chart title.
  • 2D Line chart
    2D Line chart

Note the following: –

  • The 2 different colors indicate the Old and New Agencies’ data.
  • There is a gap between the 2 lines, we will see in the next point how to join the 2 lines.
  • In the data structure, notice the way 2014 and 2015 are written. It is purely to have is displayed in the chart the way you see it.

Join the 2 color lines

In the data, add 95 leads of 2014 Q2 in the New Agency column as well. This will join both the lines (See final chart below for result).

Add a dotted line

To add a dotted line indicating the point at which the new agency was enrolled,

  • Go to Insert tab, Shapes, select Line and draw it inside the Chart.
  • Right-click the line, Format Shape, Line Style, Dash Type – change it to the 4th option.
Final Chart

Final Chart