Simple sorting is being done by everyone, just select the data, go to Data tab and click on Filter (grey funnel looking icon) under the Sort & Filter section. You will now have drop-down arrows next to the column headers of each column. You can simply click on the arrows and select ascending or descending.
But this ascending or descending sorting can be done based on only any 1 column.
Suppose you have data with a lost of contacts, wherein you have the person’s State and Country as columns.
By the above method you can simply sort as per Either State or Country. But now you want to sort Country-wise — State-wise! How do you do this sorting on multiple columns?!
Very simple!
Select all data. go to the Data tab on the ribbon menu, under the Sort & Filter section, select Sort.
A window will open.
Under the Sort By, select the Country column, then click on Add Level. Under the Sort By, select the State column. Click OK.
You’re done! 🙂