This is very simple in MS Word !
But how do you do this in MS Excel?



A little longer way but simple once you get it.
Suppose you have data like this: –

Notice that every alternate cell has text in Bold.
So now you want to select all cells in the sheet that have the formatting as of that is there in cell A1 (Bold in this case).

1. Go to Home tab on the ribbon – Under Editing section click on Find & Select – Choose Find.
2. Click Options.
3. Click on Format, select Choose Format from Cell.
4. Click on A1.
5. Click on Find All.
6. Click on 1 of those results and then Ctrl + A (Select All).
7. Close the Find dialog box.

Your done! 🙂 A little long but effective way 🙂

Keep Excel-ling 🙂