Do you have a decimal number, and want to Round it up to the nearest who number?

Let’s say your number is in cell A1.
Put the below formula in another cell: –
=ROUND(A1, 0)
Here, A1 is the cell reference where your number is present. 0 is the number of digits you want after the decimal point. We have put 0 here because we need to round up the number to the nearest whole number (no number after the decimal).
Suppose you want the number to be rounded up with 1 number after the decimal point, your formula will be: –
=ROUND(A1, 1)
Similarly, for 2 numbers after the decimal =ROUND(A1, 2).. and so on..

A1 has 12.42
=ROUND(A1, 0) will give the result 12
=ROUND(A1, 1) will give the result 12.4Keep Excel-ing 🙂