Ever wondered how to round up a number to the nearest Lakh?
Suppose you have a number 1283546, and you want it to be rounded to the nearest lakh, i.e., 1300000.

It’s quite easy. Use the formula CEILING.
So if the number 1283546 is in cell A1, and you are writing the formula in B1, it will be: –
=CEILING (A1, 100000)
Note that I have written 100000 (1 Lakh); it signifies to round to the nearest lakh.
Your output in B1 will be 1300000.

If you want to round to the lakh on the lower side, i.e., the output should be 1200000, then the formula will the
=FLOOR (A1, 100000).

Quite easy to remember 🙂

Happy Excel-ing!