Let’s look at tip for pie-charts today! A visually useful one.
So you have some data – city-wise sales, from which you have made a simple 2-D pie-chart.
I have added Data Labels and removed the Legends for a better visual experience.

Data format to be made

Visually, this chart is simple to read as it only has few data.
What if sales like this of say 30 cities were put into the pie?! It would look like this..!

Difficult to read this kind of chart

Now from only this chart, if someone asks you, which slice in the pie is the smallest?! Almost impossible to say immediately right.. Better, just highlight the slice in a way that it comes out.. HOW?!

Let’s take the earlier example to explain this.
We know that Hyderabad is the smallest slice.
Then follow these steps: –

  1. So 1st click on the entire chart – all slices will be selected.
  2. Then click 1 more time on the Hyderabad slice – only that 1 slice will be selected.
  3. Right-click and go to Format Data Point.
  4. Under the Point Explosion, make it 40%.
  5. Click Close.
What you will get is this.
Slice Exploded in Pie Chart
Now you clearly know that Hyderabad needs attention!
Enjoy Excel-ing with Excel-lent charts 🙂