Let’s say you have two numbers 4 & 5 in A1 and A2 respectively.
You want to add the 2 numbers and get the result 9 in A3.

You will obviously use a simple formula in A3 such as: –
=A1 + A2

Now, you want to delete the numbers 4 & 5 which are in A1 & A2. The moment you delete them, the result in A3 gets disturbed. So you don’t want this to happen.
In other words, what you want to do is, convert the Formula into the Result itself.

Very Simple!
Click on A3.
Right-click and click on Copy / Press Ctrl + C.
Right-click and click on Paste Special.
Select “Values”.
Click “Ok”.


          Before Paste As Values                   After Paste As Values


Similarly you can the same way to Convert Formulas like =UPPER(C3) into plain text.