Most of the times you want to make a copy of the formula with relative referencing, in cells below.
Meaning when you copy a formula in a cell below, you want the values to be considered, with respect to the new location.

For eg.,
You want to put a single formula to get the Final ($) value, and copy it below in the entire column.

But now you want to copy the exact same formula in cell C4 to another cell, let’s say E6.
If you simply copy & paste the formula, the cell references will change (based on the new location, relative reference).

A simple and easiest way to copy the exact same formula is,

  1. Go to cell C4
  2. Press F2 (edit mode)
  3. Select the entire formula (can press Shift + Home)
  4. Copy (Ctrl + C)
  5. Go to cell E6
  6. Press F2 (edit mode)
  7. Paste (Ctrl + V)

The formula in cells C4 and E6 are exactly the same.

Keep Excel-ing!