You have a list of numbers, let’s say sales figures.

You want to find out what is the 2nd largest sales figure among all?Normally you would sort your list in descending order and find the 2nd largest number.

Instead, this can be done using a simple formula.
Say your list of numbers is from B2 to B101.
Enter the below formula in any cell: –
=LARGE (B2:B101, 2)
Where, B2:B101 is the range and 2 is the index, i.e. you want the 2nd. Large automatically means that you are looking for a number that is largest – 2nd.

You can similarly enter 3 instead of 2, for 3rd largest, and so on.
Want to find out the 2nd lowest number?
Use the formula…. (What is the opposite of Large in English?? 😉 ) in a similar way.
=SMALL (B2:B101, 2)