Follow these few simple steps and you ‘ll be done 🙂

1. Insert 2 blank columns before the start of your data, say columns A and B.
2. In A1, write 1, in A2, write 2. Select both and drag-down (auto-fill) until the end of the data.
3. In B1, type this formula =MOD(A1, 3). 3 is used here because we want to delete every 3rd row. If you need to delete every 4th row, use 4.
4. Turn-on Auto-filter (Data tab – Filter).
5. Under the B column, choose only 0.
6. Select all the rows all delete them (you are basically deleting every 3rd row in your data).
7. Turn off Auto-filter.
8. Delete Columns A and B.

Your done! 🙂
Keep Excel-ling 🙂