Let’s say you have a text having Name of a person & his/her 10 digit mobile number in the same cell.
Example – You have this text in cell A1 “Rushabh Shah 9836999999”

You want to extract only the Name of the person without the mobile number and place the name in B1.
Using only LEFT function will not help.

Delete last 10 characters from all cells

Delete last 10 characters from all cells

Thus, you will need to combine LEFT and LEN function: –
=LEFT (A1, LEN (A1)-10)

LEN (A1)-10 ->
LEN (A1) finds the length of the text (number of characters present in the cell. In this example, it would be 23).
Then you subtract 10 from the answer (23-10=13).
13 characters now means that you have selected “Rushabh Shah ” indirectly.

Now apply this in the full formula
=LEFT (A1, LEN (A1)-10)
=LEFT (A1, 13)
This will extract the first 13 characters from the cell A1.
Output = Rushabh Shah 

You will actually notice that at the end of the name, there is a SPACE.
This is because you have a space after the name, and before the mobile number in cell A1.
Thus, to remove the space and have an ideal formula, use =LEFT (A1, LEN (A1)-11).

Similarly, you can copy & paste this formula in the entire column to extract from multiple cells.

Also similarly, instead of using 11 in the last part, use any number to extract the desired number of characters.

Keep Excel-ing with Text functions!