Once you start getting used to advanced feature and functions of Excel, writing long and complex formulas becomes simpler and simpler day by day.
You would also start coming up with new kind of logics in your mind each time you write a formula! Don’t stop this!
But the moment you get an error, you think Damn what do I do now?!?!?!
Now its time to troubleshoot, which is even more a task than writing the formula itself.
To troubleshoot the formula part by part is much more simple then to troubleshoot an entire formula in a single shot.
This can be achieved by following the below: –
  • Select the cell
  • Press F2 and go into editing mode
Using F9
  • Select part of the formula
  • Press F9 to the see the result of that much part
Output after pressing F9
This way, test each part of the formula. Now you know where you are exactly going wrong.
Happy Debugging!