When you download data from some back-office system or a CRM system, numbers in the sheet may appear like like text. They are right-aligned and sometimes also have an error mark as shown in the image below.

Paste Special’s Multiply feature is to be used to convert all the textual numbers to normal number format in 1 shot.

Textual numbers

Textual numbers

To convert these textual numbers to a normal number format, Paste special’s Multiply feature comes in handy.


  1. Write 1 in a cell, any cell.
  2. Copy that 1.
  3. Select all the textual numbers.

    Copy the 1 - Select the textual numbers

    Copy the 1 – Select the textual numbers

  4. Right-click and go to Paste Special.
  5. Select Multiply and press Ok.
    Multiply feature in Paste special

    Multiply feature in Paste special

    Normal number format

    Normal number format


What it does

Simply multiplies all the numbers by 1, essentially keeping the numbers as it is, but changes their format to a normal number format immediately.

So do not go changing each number one by one, use this simple method and you’re done!


Keep Excel-ing!