How do I convert “3” to “March”???It’s very simple.Let’s say you have the number 3 in cell A1 and you want March in Cell B1.
Go to cell B1 and type this formula
=TEXT ( DATE(2000,A1,10), “MMM”)
You will get it Mar.How did this work?
The function TEXT works on dates.
So first you will need to create a random date using the 3 as the month number. This is done by DATE(2000,A1,10).
Then you choose the format “MMM” for the output. This gives you Mar (3 letters in the output).You can get different outputs based on the format you want.
If you choose “MMMM”, you will get March (full name of the month).
If you choose “MMMMM”, you will get M (first letter of the month name).Similarly, you can get the name of the day by just changing the format to “DDD”, “DDDD”.

Formula to find Name of Month from Number
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